Founder: Brandon O’Neill 

Brandon vs Ozil

Sweetllamb founder Brandon O’Neill currently plays for Sydney FC in the Aleague.

  • At 23 years of age his achievements to date are:
  • 2017 Aleague Premiers & Champions
  • 2017 PFA & Aleague Team of the year
  • NAB young player of the year nominee
  • Young Socceroo & Olyroo International

Why create Sweetllamb? What’s its' Purpose?

After a day of cleaning out his boot cupboard, Brandon found 10 or more unwanted or used boots that he had no use for. After much thought, he had an idea. Yes, you can jump onto other social media sites and try sell your boots, however there is no specific place you can go! Why not create one?

www.sweetllamb.com.au was then born.

People deserve to have a specific platform to buy & sell used or unwanted boots for extra money.

Sweetllamb was specifically designed with a purpose of giving back to charity. Each month professional athletes will donate their boots, where a bidding auction will take place. The proceeds of the auction will then go directly to our 2 main charities, The Royal Chidrens Hospital in Randwick and The John Moriarty Foundation.

How was it done?

Through months of planning, organising, brainstorming and frustrating lengths of time, a team was assembled. This team would help Sweetllamb be a reality.


  • Darren McKee: Head of Admin & Website Guru 
  • Amos Hong: Graphic Designer 
  • Spruce Design: Website Designer
  • OLS: Postage
  • Snap Printing: Advertisements
  • The PFA: Sponsor
  • Strive Australia: Sponsor


Use of Sweetllamb?

Its simple.


  1. Pick a category ( Bronze, Silver, Gold )
  2. Create your Ad
  3. Get in contact with trusted buyers.
  4. Sell your boots! 


Professional Athlete Auctions?

Sweetllamb is very luck to be able to connect with Professional Athletes from around Australia and all of the world. Each month, a professional Athletes boots will be up for auction. The bidding will commence at the start of the month, with the final bid to be taken on the 29th of each month. The winner will then be announced!


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